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Please carefully read through the terms and conditions. Paying the deposit and proceeding with the booking indicates your acceptance of our terms. Should you wish to withdraw your booking, you have 7 days in which to do so from the date of this booking confirmation. Your deposit will be refunded in these circumstances.


Looks very serious right? We have to include these points in our terms and conditions to cover ourselves in the worst-case scenario. These points are almost always obsolete, and we will join you for the best party, with the most amazing energy and we’ll help you create memories to last a lifetime. We’ve just got to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, you know?


  1. Your Deposit – The 20% booking deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. This is the booking fee used to cover the expenses and admin associated with the booking process and therefore will not be returned to you in the event that your booking is cancelled.

  2. Payment – The remaining balance for your booking will be due up to 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Please ensure that you mark this date in your calendar and ensure that payment is made to us before the end of the payment period. You will receive a reminder via email in the lead up to the end of this payment period, but if the remaining balance isn’t settled on time, we reserve the right to withdraw your booking with no refund being offered, and the cancellation policy being implemented.

  3. Cancellation – Please avoid cancellation to the best of your ability, as this could result in loss of work for the musician(s) you are hiring. If cancellation is made within 4 weeks of your booking, the full balance is still payable due to the unlikelihood of replacing your booking with other work. If cancellation is made within 12 weeks of the booking, the cancellation fee will be payable at the rate of 50% of the remaining balance. If cancellation is made further in advance than 12 weeks of the booking, the cancellation fee will be payable at the rate of 25% of the remaining balance.

  4. Refunds - refunds are not issued under any circumstances once the performance has taken place.

  5. Your Lineup – The musicians that you see in any promotional material are not guaranteed for your booking, with the exception of the lead singer. The instrumentation you see will be exactly the same, but the players are chosen from a pool of exceptional musicians that make up our team. We work with only the best musicians and those hired for your booking will be of the highest standard, and resemble the look, branding, and image of the band you see in promotional material. You are guaranteed to have Laura Benjamin as your lead singer, and if in extreme circumstances Laura becomes unavailable, this will be communicated to you and you will be provided with videos and images of the proposed replacement. Should you choose to cancel in these circumstances, no cancellation fee will be charged, but the deposit remains non-refundable.

  6. Sound Restrictions & Limiters - If your venue has sound restrictions, we will adapt our lineup accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are informed of any restrictions, and in the event that we are not informed in advance, you accept that the lineup you have booked may change on the day to accommodate the restrictions. Usually, this means that the drummer will be unable to perform within the sound limit and you will have the trio lineup with a bass drum pedal instead of the full band lineup with drumkit. There is no difference in price between these lineups. 

  7. Conduct – We politely ask that you ensure that all of your guests treat our musicians with respect at all times, and that you and your guests are aware that no abusive behaviour will be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to impolite, derogatory, or abusive language, physical intimidation or abuse of any kind, invasion of our space, damage to or misuse of our equipment, and impolite requests or demands. In the event that our performance is interrupted by your guests in any way but especially through rowdy behaviour or falling into/ knocking into us and our equipment, we reserve the right to stop the performance until the behaviour subsides. If this kind of behaviour continues, we reserve the right to terminate the performance and vacate the venue for the safety of our performers. In the very unlikely event that this happens, you will be communicated with directly before any decisions are made.

  8. Power Supply – We require a reliable, strong power supply in the area that you are expecting us to play. Our equipment uses a lot of power and we do not accept responsibility for ensuring that your power source is sufficient to power our equipment. This applies especially for marquee style weddings where generators are being used or power supplies are being hired. Please liaise with your supplier to make sure that their equipment can handle our sound and lighting equipment. Our PAT testing certificates can be supplied on request and we are happy to liaise with your supplier to ensure the smooth running of the event in this regard. If insufficient power is supplied, we reserve the right to exercise our judgement and terminate the performance, and no refund will be processed in this event.

  9. Internet Access – If you have hired us to provide any kind of background music, a DJ service or any service in which you and your guests will be making requests, we require a strong, stable internet connection to be able to provide our services. If you cannot guarantee a strong internet connection, you need to liaise with us in advance of the event to make sure that any music you will be requesting on the day is organised so that we can make sure that it is available offline. We are happy to provide these services without internet, using our back catalogue of music, but you and your guests must understand that our ability to take requests will be limited. Should we be unable to cater to your requests due to the lack of internet at your venue, abuse of any kind will not be tolerated as per point 5.

  10. Use of Equipment – If you require use of any of our equipment, this must be agreed in advance of the booking. In the event that you or any of your guests request to use our equipment on the day, we regret that we will have to decline this request. This is due to our insurance policy and is out of our hands, and therefore will not be negotiated on. Your booking liaison will discuss your booking in detail with you and anticipate your needs for any use of our equipment in advance, and will therefore be able to provide suitable equipment and follow the necessary procedures to update our insurance provider and ensure the safety of you, your guests and our equipment.

  11. Refreshments – Any musicians who are attending for the duration of your wedding will need to be provided with refreshments throughout the day, which usually consists of a meal during your wedding breakfast and an evening meal during the evening reception. Please ensure that your caterer or venue are made aware of this, and we politely ask that they provide us with daytime refreshments at the same time or before the guests, so that we are able to have sufficient time to set up for the evening performance whilst the meal is being served.

  12. Travel – Any venues with a travel duration longer than 1 hour from SA10 will incur a travel fee, which is included in your quote and is payable at the same time as your final balance payment.

  13. Insurance – We have public liability insurance and are happy to provide our certificates upon request.

  14. Parking – We politely ask that parking is reserved near the performance area for the musicians, especially if you have hired the band for your evening performance, as we have heavy equipment that needs to be loaded in.

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